Sunday, August 2, 2009


Today I had the opportunity to minister with a pastor from the Kenya (Africa) area, whose name is Pastor Simon. We talked during worship about the needs of his people, the Massai. They live as nomads, travelling great distances for clean water. The response of the R.C.A. has been to offer to help build 5 deep wells. This will reduce the need to travel, allowing the people to remain stationary for longer periods of time so that they can be educated, attend churches, and so forth.
His story reminded me so much of how God provided for the people of Israel as they travelled for 40 years in the desert. They came to be totally dependent upon God. And then Jesus comes to this world as the one who can satisfy thirst forever!
So, we in today's churches, those who support this well-drilling effort, are God's hands to the Massai. We in the U.S. take so much for granted. We certainly don't think twice about running water. Yet, in Africa, God's children still become overwhelmed with gratitude for the chance to get a cool, fresh cup of water.
If we can help them get physical water which changes their physical lives, we can follow that with opening their hearts to receiving Spirit-Water, which will satisfy their thirst forever. But the door to earning their trust is opened by helping them build wells.
Our future hope is in life-giving bread and water. Jesus is the true source of both. Read John 6:35.